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Ano ang Stroke?

Special thanks to Group 6 YL3 SLMC: DolSeores, Ariane Mia R. Domingo, Christian Jay M., Elio, Charlene Lorraine A. Espiridion, Gina Ruth DG. Eusebio, Lorelie U. Fernandez, Patrick Henry T. Floro, Justine Concepcion S. Fuentes, Michelle Joy C.

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Stroke Society Convention 2020

As a result of the Covid- 19 Pandemic, the “Stroke Society Annual Convention 2020, Neuro & Surgery” set in Davao, on August 19-21,2020  is cancelled. All scientific lectures will be delivered thru webinar lecture series that shall commence on July.…

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Philippines Stroke

Stroke is the Philippines' second leading cause of death and first cause of morbidity. It has a prevalence of 0·9%; ischemic stroke comprises 70% while hemorrhagic stroke comprises 30%. According to the latest WHO data published in 2017 Stroke Deaths…

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