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About Us

SSP is a society of physicians, nurses, and other allied health care personnel who take special interest in stroke care, education and research. It was founded in Manila on July 13, 1995 and is a non-stock, non-profit making local organization.


We are guided the mission of helping the country reduce the incidence of stroke, reduce the morbidity and mortality of stroke , and improve the quality of life of those who suffered and survived stroke.


By 2018, the Stroke Society of the Philippines will be leading multidisciplinary stroke organization and healthcare professionals in the country, collaborating with partners working toward effective stroke reduction in the Asia Pacific Region.


1. To empower people to take a proactive role towards a culture of health through advocacy in stroke awareness and prevention
2. To disseminate and promote the practice of evidence-based stroke management through continuing medical education
3. To create and utilize innovative strategies for optimum comprehensive stroke care appropriate to the local setting
4. To promote and attain excellence in ethical and relevant stroke research with local and international stroke care network
5. To take an active role in the international stroke care network
6. To organize stroke support groups and promote a culture of help by supporting stroke survivors, their families and caregivers
7. To institutionalize stroke prevention and intervention through legislative advocacy and collaboration with government agencies

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